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Zoom-Ready Skincare Tips For Men

A good skincare routine is essential to preventing the signs of aging as it provides the necessary protection and nourishment to your skin. ‘Zoom-ready’ and radiant skin can be achieved with the right skincare tips for men.

During these times when physical interaction is limited and the majority of work interactions are conducted via Zoom, looking your best during your calls and meetings should be a top priority. Men are no longer limited to simple skincare practices since the gender-based stereotypes surrounding cosmetic procedures and facial treatments are rapidly dissipating.

More so, skin and facial care services have experienced a massive spike in terms of demand as COVID-related skin problems began surfacing. The continuous wear of surgical face masks can cause sudden acne outbreaks around the covered areas, also known as ‘maskne’, due to constant friction and heat.

Other COVID and mask-related skin issues include dryness and irritation, as well as a decrease in natural Vitamin D intake due to reduced sunlight exposure. This in turn can result in dull-looking skin, especially on camera.

The need for good skincare routine for men

Having a strong skincare routine has commonly been associated with good health and increased self-confidence, as the natural glow of healthy skin is considered to be very attractive. Although most people think that skincare products and treatments have the same effects on men and women alike, studies have shown that there exists gender-based physiological differences in the skin’s characteristics.

men skin needs

Men’s skin has been shown to be thicker and its hydration levels higher, making it difficult for certain products to be absorbed efficiently into the skin. Another reported difference is the tendency to develop wrinkles, which is elevated in men considerably.

This means that although the differences are not immense, men do require a slightly different skincare regiment in order to keep their skin healthy. Most of the advanced skincare facilities do offer specialized treatments and product recommendations, specifically meant to take care of the necessities of men’s skin.

Skincare tips for men

Taking care of your skin’s health offers many benefits. For example, if you are suffering from acne, a good skincare routine will help to control your skin’s sebum (oil) production, effectively reducing the chances of acne breakouts while also shrinking the pores.

1. Using the right skincare products

men skincare needs

Simply washing your face with soap on a regular basis is not going to be enough as oil and dirt can accumulate inside the pores. Thus, the use of a proper face wash and scrub can adequately clean your face whilst addressing other skin concerns, such as dryness.

Toners and moisturizers help to cleanse and refresh the skin, with added protective benefits. This is ideal for dry skin types who frequently experience irritation. Sunscreen is another skincare essential. Prolonged sun and ultraviolet exposure (even while indoors) is the leading cause of skin damage to the face, leading to consequences such as deep wrinkles, unwanted discoloration, pigmentation, and even skin cancers.

2. Maintain your skin’s health with a monthly facial

Facials are recommended for people of all ages to ensure that your skin is cleansed and taken care of effectively. Facials are also therapeutic and soothing, and with men’s facials on the rise, you will be sure to find a facial or two that suits your skin type and condition.

3. Aesthetic procedures for a confidence-boost

aesthetic procedures for men

More men are turning to cosmetic procedures to enhance certain facial features or to achieve a desired physical appearance. The ability to enhance and remodel any facial feature tailored specifically for the client is the pinnacle of modern aesthetic medicine.

These minimally or non-invasive procedures can not only sculpt the face, such as the nose or lips, but can also serve as an anti-ageing preventive treatment by rejuvenating the skin and smoothing out the wrinkles. 


Today, having natural-looking and healthy skin is a common goal shared by both sexes. Certain skin conditions such as signs of ageing can be managed well and improved with a variety of non- or minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. Finding the right plastic surgeon can also help you in making informed decisions that suit your unique needs.

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