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Nasal Dorsum Enhancement

An elegant nasal dorsum blends with the tip of the nose and the brow. It starts at a point roughly between the upper eyelid margins and slopes down towards the nasal tip.

Who would benefit from a nasal dorsum enhancement?

A deviated or deficient nasal dorsum can be caused by trauma, cancer resection, or congenital causes. In ethnically East Asians, the nasal dorsum is commonly lacking height and strength, thus contributes to a short nose.

How is a nasal dorsum enhancement performed?

Enhancement of the nasal dorsum can be done using your own cartilage or using an implant. Your plastic surgeon will discuss with you on the type of filler or material that is preferred for enhancing the nasal dorsum. He will also explain the advantages and disadvantages of each with you and select the best choice based on the desired outcome.
Procedure Using own cartilage Using an implant
  • Most natural
  • Less risk of infection
  • No risk of extrusion
  • Soft
  • Readily available in multiple sizes
  • Quicker procedure
  • Requires harvest from a separate site. The first choice is usually the nasal septum, which is often inadequate in Asians. Other cartilage harvest sites include the ear and rib
  • Longer surgery
  • If not processed properly, can bend and warp
  • More prone to infection
  • Extrusion risk 3%
  • May be mobile if not positioned properly


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