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Facial Plastic Surgery

What is facial plastic surgery?

Facial plastic surgery encompasses procedures in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries of the face.

The face is the first thing we notice about each other. It is a complex structure involving multiple tissues and muscles, and allows us express emotion and to communicate effectively with each other.

Abnormalities of the face can result from congenital conditions such as cleft lip or prominent ears. Other causes include traumatic injuries such as facial lacerations, fractures or burns. As the most exposed part of the body, skin cancers commonly develop over the head and neck region from chronic sun exposure. Ageing leads to loss of facial volume, skin, and muscle laxity as well as skin pigmentation changes.

The face is a delicate area of the body and precise correction of these abnormalities is crucial to good outcomes. This requires surgeons and clinicians with professional expertise and an eye for beauty to deliver safe and cosmetically pleasing results. With rigorous training and a deep understanding of facial anatomy, plastic surgeons are well placed to manage the variety of facial plastic surgery conditions.

What procedures are covered under facial plastic surgery?

Facial plastic surgery involves both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries of the face.

Some examples of cosmetic procedures are:
Some examples of reconstructive procedures are:

How are facial plastic surgery procedures performed?

Depending on the condition and extent of surgery, facial plastic surgery procedures can be performed under local or general anaesthesia (LA or GA). For LA procedures, some sedation may be administered to help you stay comfortable during the surgery.

In most cases, facial plastic surgery in a single setting can lead to satisfactory results. In certain more complex reconstructive procedures, there may be a need for staged surgeries in order to achieve optimal results. This includes small balancing procedures such as fat grafting to achieve a harmonious appearance.

Post-operative care and recovery

Many facial plastic surgery procedures can be performed as day surgery and do not require admission to the hospital. You may have dressings placed over the area of surgery which requires changing every 2 to 3 days until full healing. You may be required to use topical or oral antibiotics to help reduce the risk of infection. Generally speaking, maximal swelling at the surgical site is at 48 hours after surgery. After this initial period, the swelling will start to settle. Most swelling and bruising are gone by 2 to 4 weeks after surgery. If the facial skeleton involved in chewing is involved, you may be placed on a soft diet for a few weeks before returning to a normal diet.

Potential risks and complications

As with any surgery, general risks include pain, bleeding, and infection. Post-operative pain is usually well controlled after surgery with medication, and the risk of bleeding and infection leading to the need for another procedure is low. There is also the general anaesthetic risk, which will be explained to you by the anaesthetist, and is typically low especially if you are healthy. Other known sequelae include scarring and numbness at the operative sites. Scarring is usually well managed with topical treatment and laser treatment if required. Numbness is usually settled after 4 to 6 months but reduction in sensation may be permanent.

Why choose Polaris Plastic Surgery?

At Polaris Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, our doctors have spent years training in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and have distilled the techniques and attention to detail required for delicate facial plastic surgery procedures. In particular, Dr Adrian Ooi has a special interest in the face and neck region and years of experience and works closely with other specialists such dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and ENT surgeons to achieve satisfactory outcomes.

Schedule a consultation with our surgeons to assess your needs and goals. They will communicate with you regarding your concerns, and choose the reconstructive procedure with appropriate outcomes.


Do plastic surgeons as well as ENT surgeons perform facial plastic surgery?

Facial plastic surgery encompasses both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the facial skeleton and soft tissue. Throughout their training and careers, plastic surgeons develop the knowledge and skills regarding facial anatomy and reconstructive principles, best placing them to manage conditions related to facial plastic surgery. ENT surgeons also deal with conditions related to facial plastic surgery, with a subset of them choosing to subspecialize in this field. This requires subspecialty training, which is conducted in condensed periods, but which also equips them to deal specifically with these disorders.

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