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Meet Our Doctors

Dr Pek - Meet Our Doctor

Dr Pek Chong Han

Consultant Plastic Surgeon & Medical Director
MBBS (Singapore), MRCS (Glasg), MMed (Surgery), FAMS (Plastic Surgery)
Dr Pek Chong Han is a MOH-accredited, board-certified consultant plastic surgeon with specialized training and experience in modern plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. His areas of clinical expertise would include breast & body contouring surgery, liposuction, facial aesthetic surgery, craniofacial trauma and reconstructive surgery, breast augmentation & reconstruction, microsurgical reconstruction, reconstructive limb salvage surgery and management of complex scars and wounds.
Having completed Medical School at NUS and Plastic Surgery Residency Training in Singapore, Dr Pek was the first full-time plastic surgeon at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and had grown the plastic surgery service from its humble beginnings till 2022 as its first chief of service. Together with his team, their work left a transformative impression on their patients, as evidenced by the media features through the years.
During his years of clinical practice, his passion for plastic surgery was evident in his active pursuit of excellence; this journey would take him around the world to experience and learn from various masters of plastic surgery in America, Europe, South Korea and South-East Asia. In addition, Dr Pek was fortunate to be awarded the prestigious AOCMF Fellowship at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan in craniofacial surgery as a visiting scholar.
Dr Pek has a strong passion for teaching plastic surgery, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He had previously held the following academic appointments: 
  • Associate Programme Director, NHG-AHPL Plastic Surgery Residency Programme [2018-2020]
  • Faculty Member, Singapore Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency Programme [2021-2022]
  • Senior Clinical Lecturer, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore
  • Adjunct Lecturer, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University



Visiting Consultant, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Section, Department of Surgery, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Singapore [2023 – present]

Visiting Consultant, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Section, Department of General Surgery, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore [2017-present]

Visiting Consultant, Singapore Armed Forces Medical Corp, Singapore [Jan 2022 – Dec 2024]



Member of Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeons (SAPS)

Member of Singapore Society of Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgeons (SSCAS)

International Member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) 

International Member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)


  1. Wound Healing Society Singapore Congress 2018 (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Lower Limb Perforator Flaps for Acute Trauma Wounds
    Invited Speaker
  2. 37th Congress of Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery 2018 (Seoul, South Korea)
    TOPIC: Aesthetic Rejuvenation with Autologous Fat
    Invited Speaker
  3. KTPH Breast Cancer Awareness Forum 2018 (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Breast Reconstruction
    Invited Speaker
  4. NHG Eye Institute Orbito-facial Symposium 2019 (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Updates in eyelid and facial laser skin resurfacing; Aesthetic Rejuvenation with Autologous Fat.
    Invited Speaker
  5. Singapore Orthopaedic Association Monthly Journal Club Meeting June 2019 (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Bone Flap Reconstruction
    Invited Speaker
  6. KTPH Monthly Hospital Conference July 2019 (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Soft Tissue Lower Extremity Reconstruction
    Invited Speaker
  7. KTPH Combined Breast/PRAS GP Forum 2019 (Organising co-chairperson) (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Introduction to common plastic surgery conditions
    Invited Speaker
  8. KTPH Breast Cancer Awareness Forum 2019 (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Breast Reconstruction
    Invited Speaker
  9. AOCMF ORP Course 2019 Invited Speaker (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Mid-face Reconstruction
    Invited Speaker
  10. KTPH Pressure Injury Awareness Forum – “Updates on Pressure Injury” 2020 (Singapore)
    TOPIC: N95 mask related PI
    Invited Speaker
  11. Urgo Medical: Invited Expert Panelist 25 March 2021 (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Continuity of care in diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) management
    Invited Faculty/Moderator
  12. STACC Conference 2021 Invited Speaker 23 April 2021 (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Soft Tissue Reconstructive Options in complex lower extremity trauma
    Invited Speaker
  1. 3M Academy Invited Speaker 10 May 2021 (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Optimizing Wound Outcomes in Chronic Lower Limb Management with Multidisciplinary Approach
    Invited Speaker
  2. KTPH PRL Session 18 May 2021 (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Rib Reconstruction
    Moderator/Organizing Chairperson
  3. Singapore Urology Society Dinner Symposium Date 28 July 2021 (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Soft Tissue Reconstruction of Urogenital defects
    Invited Speaker
  4. TTSH Microsurgery course 26-27 Nov 2021 (Singapore)
    Teaching Faculty/Course Instructor
  5. Changi General Hospital Pressure Injury Prevention Day Webinar 23 Nov 2021 (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Medical Device Related Pressure Injury
    Invited Speaker
  6. AOCMF Course, 11-18 Dec Singapore 2021 (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Lower Eyelid Reconstruction
    Invited Speaker
  7. Trauma in Focus Online Webinar 25 March 2022 (Singapore)
    Chairperson and Moderator for Burn Injuries Session
  8. 3M Masterclass workshop (Singapore) – Optimizing wound healing with NPWT. 23 Apr 2022
    TOPIC: Incisional NPWT
    Invited speaker and workshop trainer
  9. PASM 2022 – 17 Sept 2022 (Singapore)
    Scientific Committee Chairperson, Organizing Committee
  10. TTSH Microsurgery Course 26-27 Sept 2022 (Singapore)
    Teaching Faculty/Course Instructor
  11. KTPH Combined Breast/PRAS GP Forum 28 Oct 2022 (Singapore)
    TOPIC: Introduction to common plastic surgery conditions
    Invited Faculty/Moderator
  12. 41st Congress of Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery 2022 (Seoul, South Korea)
    TOPIC: Periorbital and facial rejuvenation with autologous fat injection
    Invited Speaker



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1)    Mastery in General Surgery Short Cases By Ong, Tay and Low.
Chapter: Malignant Skin Lesions


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