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Aesthetic Procedures: Breast

Aesthetic Procedures: Breast

Aesthetic Procedures: Breast

Nipple And Areola Reduction

Nipple Reduction-1
Besides an aesthetically pleasing breast outline and volume, the nipple and areola play a large part in completing the look of the breast. Whilst this area of the breast is highly intimate and hidden, there are some women who find them aesthetically displeasing.

Some women complain of exceptionally long nipples, especially after having breastfed. These can be reduced through various excision techniques, usually involving a wedge removal of the elongated nipple.

Some women also complain of widened areolas, usually due to breast expansion from breastfeeding or hypertrophy. In breast reduction procedures, the areola size will be addressed. However, in women with normal sized breasts and wide areolas, areola reduction can be performed as an isolated procedure. This usually involves circular excision of the excess areola and careful suturing to hide the scar line in the junction with the normal breast skin.
If you are experiencing the above-mentioned issues, do consult with a plastic surgeon who can assess you and give you their recommendation. These isolated procedures can be performed under local anaesthesia with or without sedation.
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