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Aesthetic Procedures: Face

Aesthetic Procedures: Face

Aesthetic Procedures: Face


Every individual’s face is distinctive. It is a masterpiece made up of an intricate relationship of skin, fat, muscle, bone, and ligaments, enabling us to communicate and express a range of emotions, while subtle differences make us each uniquely who we are. Plastic surgery can help to enhance this natural beauty, arising from individual preferences in face shape or form, or reversing age-related changes such as volume loss as well as lax and pigmented skin.

Through detailed analysis and discussion, our board-certified plastic surgeon can utilize a range of minimally invasive and surgical techniques to achieve the goals that you desire. It is also important to address the safety aspect of these procedures and the potential complications, as the face is a complex structure with multiple nerves and blood vessels in close vicinity.

To achieve the most pleasing results, the face must be addressed as a whole to ensure harmony between the closely related structures. However, for ease of understanding and communication, the face can broadly be divided into the upper, middle, and lower thirds, separated by horizontal lines at the brow and at the base of the nose, respectively. Surgical rejuvenation of the face encompasses these areas as well as other important adjunct techniques, and include:

Why choose Polaris Plastic Surgery?

Our doctors have a special interest in facial and nasal anatomy and aesthetics. Dr Adrian Ooi has taught at and attended numerous advanced facial anatomy courses locally and overseas. He completed his aesthetic surgery fellowship with renowned Harley Street facial aesthetic and rhinoplasty surgeons in London, UK, and by operating and observing with well-known Singaporean, Korean and Japanese aesthetic surgeons, has developed a deep understanding and belief in blending techniques from the East and West to tailor-make the ideal procedure for each patient.


What are the pros and cons of the midface lift over scarless lower eyebag surgery?

The midface lift allows for improved access to the entire lower eyelid and cheek, leading to precise corrections under direct vision as well as the ability to lift the muscle layer and excise excess skin, leading to more significant improvements. The trade-off is a mildly longer downtime compared with other procedures, and the requirement of the recovery period before full results are seen. However, very often the results are worth it.

Who is a suitable candidate for a mini facelift?

Individuals with early to moderate signs of ageing, with heavy facial skin, and without much involvement of the neck are suitable candidates. As the procedure has longevity, there is the possibility of avoiding repeat minimally invasive procedures. A full face and neck lift is recommended in those who require simultaneous neck rejuvenation. To decide which procedure is right for you, it is best to consult with our consultant plastic surgeon.

Does fat transfer make you look younger?

Transfer of your own fat to the face when purified well and injected properly leaves fat cells, stem cells, and growth factors in well-vascularized planes and locations of the face. If these components survive well, the face looks more youthful through a combination of volumnization and skin rejuvenation where fat has been shown to physically reverse skin ageing.

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