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Aesthetic Procedures: Minimally Invasive Procedures & Skin Care

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Pigmentation Treatment

While freckles can appear attractive in some individuals, facial pigmentation can also be very distressing especially when prominent and obvious on visible parts of the face and body. The primary player in cases of pigmentation are melanocytes, the pigment-producing cells of the skin, which secrete melanin. Conditions as varied as pregnancy, inflammation, previous laser treatments and chronic sun exposure can lead to pigmentation. Occasionally, pigmented skin lesions could be cancerous or precancerous. It is important to get the pigmentation assessed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to determine the underlying cause.

Depending on the type and cause of pigmentation, targeted treatment can then be tailor-made. This can include the use of oral or topical steroids, topical lightening creams, or laser therapy that specifically breaks down the melanin in the skin. Oftentimes, pigmentation requires a mix of different treatments, and can take a few months and multiple sessions to treat. When using laser therapy, it can also be combined with facial resurfacing and rejuvenation.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons will perform a thorough skin assessment and walk you through the pigmentation treatment process as well as recommend your options to treat pigmentation.

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