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Aesthetic Procedures: Eyelids

Aesthetic Procedures: Eyelids

Aesthetic Procedures: Eyelids

Lower Eyelid Surgery (Lower Blepharoplasty)

Scarless Eyebag Removal
Scarless eyebag removal involves addressing the lower eyebags via an incision in the conjunctiva (the mucosal layer on the inside of the lower eyelid) without leaving an external scar. Direct access to the lower eyelid structures is thus possible and enables precise correction of any deformities. Excess fat can be removed or repositioned, and the ligament causing prominence of the eyebags can be released.
Scarless Eyebag Removal Surgery

Who would benefit from a scarless eyebag surgery?

Scarless eyebag removal can be performed on a wide range of patients. The ideal patient is one whose eyebags made up mainly of fat without too much excess skin. Patients with other contributing factors to lower eyelid irregularity, such as overhanging skin or loss of cheek volume, may need adjunct procedures such as pinch blepharoplasty or periorbital fat grafting, which can be performed in the same sitting. If you desire a simultaneous midface lift, this is performed through an incision at the lower eyelid skin margin, which can be well hidden.

You should have a thorough discussion with your plastic surgeon who will assess and recommend the appropriate treatment for you. The ultimate goal is to tailor-make the correct procedure for you to achieve a pleasing and lasting result.

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