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Mummy Makeover


What physical changes can be expected after childbirth? 

The journey of pregnancy and childbirth is both physically and emotionally challenging. During pregnancy, your body undergoes transformative changes to accommodate and nurture a growing fetus. After labour and delivery of your baby, further changes occur, and the body transitions into the post-partum phase, where breastfeeding typically would take place.
The torso, specifically the breast and abdomen, often suffer the brunt of post-pregnancy change and is the most disconcerting.

Some of the changes that you may experience include:


Loss of volume, ptosis (droopy or saggy breasts), changes in the size and shape of the nipple and areolar complex.
saggy breast

Abdomen & Flanks:

Rectus diastasis, unwanted fat deposits over abdomen and flanks, stretch marks, lax and stretched-out skin.

What is rectus diastasis? It is the splaying out or stretching out of the abdominal core muscles of the anterior portion of the abdomen, as a result of the enlarging fetus & uterus during pregnancy. It is common to have residual diastasis even after the post-partum recovery phase. Some of its symptoms include an unsightly bulge of the central abdomen, persistent weakness of the core muscles and even discomfort or pain on exertion.
diastasis recti

Skin & hair:

Increased pigmentation, stretch marks, reduced elasticity and firmness of skin, loss of hair, increased sensitivity and dryness of the skin.

Hands & legs:

Changes of the skin as above, swollen (varicose) veins, unwanted fat deposits over proximal arms and thighs.

Feminine areas:

Enlargement and laxity of the labia and vagina


Loss of volume of facial fat compartments, droopy and/or saggy excessive facial tissues.

How to know if I need a mommy makeover? Who will benefit from it?

The increased awareness of nutrition, fitness and the desire for maintenance of a youthful figure after pregnancy motivates postpartum ladies to restore the figure they desire after pregnancy. Many postpartum mothers take pride in restoring the form of their breasts and abdomen as a sign of youthfulness, vitality and health. Some of the physical changes may include:
(1) losing one’s ability to fit into desired clothing,
(2) skin abrasions and rashes in excess skin and tissue folds,
(3) pain and dragging sensation in the areas of excess tissue bulges, especially during exercise and exertion.
Sometimes, optimal nutrition and exercise habits are still inadequate to overcome some of these changes.
At the same time, it is not uncommon to feel more conscious about these changes, and it is important that we endeavor to restore self-confidence and body image for all. Every individual undergoes different extent of changes, and it is essential to identify them and communicate your set goals with your plastic surgeon.

In summary, if you are experiencing some of the symptoms above and wish to seek definitive correction, mommy makeover surgery may be the solution that you are looking for.


When is the best time for a mommy makeover?

It is recommended that mothers set aside time and energy for themselves after childbirth for self-improvement. You would be suitable to undergo mummy makeover procedures once the body changes have stabilized for a few months. Some of these considerations that may influence timing can include:
  1. Breast/Breastfeeding: the breast changes in shape and size during and after pregnancy, especially with breastfeeding. Sometimes, the nipple and areolar would also change in shape and size as well. All these changes would typically stabilize in a few months after breastfeeding has stopped.
  2. Abdomen: The stretched-out muscles, tissues and skin of the abdominal wall typically would firm and shrink back, to varying degrees, in a few months post-childbirth. It is common to have residual laxity of muscle, skin or excess fat tissue that may need to be addressed with surgery. The abdomen would be ready for any procedure once these changes have stabilized for at least a few months.
  3. Stable weight and exercise regime: Physical exhaustion, irregular mealtimes, weight changes and decrease in exercise are often a result of sacrifices mothers make during the early childcare period; having stable weight and exercise regimes prior to any procedure is important to maximise your results/gains.
  4. Recovery phase: Stable positive lifestyle and childcare arrangements are advised so that you would be able to have peace of mind during recovery. Procedures and scheduling could be customized to suit the individual patients’ unique needs. Give yourself time and space to recover, and we will be able to guide you through your rapid recovery journey. Avoid heavy lifting (yes, including carrying your child) for the first 6 weeks, if possible.

What kind of surgery can be done for a mommy makeover?

Surgery would be considered according to individual suitability and one’s priorities for correction. Common requests for correction would include the following:

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty procedure: 

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty procedure refers to removing stretched-out, loose skin and excess fat tissue of the lower abdomen. This is usually accompanied by strengthening or repairing of rectus diastasis and/or liposuction contouring of the abdomen and flanks to give better curve lines of the waist and abdomen. There are various types of abdominoplasty procedure types, which are indicated for different body types.

Contouring of waist, hips and flanks with liposuction techniques: 

This refers to the circumferential or 360◦ liposuction of the torso to remove excess fat, contour the waistline and accentuate feminine curves of the torso. This is often performed with abdominoplasty, to remove the stretched-out, loose skin after liposuction. Various types or techniques of liposuction can be performed, depending on suitability and preferences.

Breast volume enhancement and/or lift:

Breast surgery during a mommy makeover aims to restore the ideal volume and the ideal position of the nipple/areolar with surgery, which preserves function and utilises minimum scars. Options could include Breast Augmentation using Implants or Fat Grafting, Mastopexy (Breast Lift) or a combination of both.

Facial fat replacement and face-lifting (surgical or non-surgical):

Volume loss and droopy/saggy facial tissues are some of the common ageing processes that are accelerated with childbirth. The volume loss can be replaced with injectable fillers, such as hyaluronic acid fillers, or fat grafting harvested during liposuction. Lifting of droopy/saggy tissues of the face can be achieved with either non-surgical or surgical face lifting.

Feminine rejuvenation:

Excess and/or misshapen labia can be corrected surgically through a procedure called labiaplasty, relieving the area of extra skin and restoring a more youthful appearance. Other procedures that can be considered include vaginoplasty and mons pubis reduction. Non-invasive procedures would include non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation.
It is commonplace for multiple procedures to be performed in a combined setting, balancing both patient safety and maximizing results. In addition, mommy makeover procedures can be done in conjunction with other minor surgical procedures, such as hernia repair, or a simple gynaecological procedure.

Can non-surgical procedures help me achieve similar mommy makeover results?

Some of the non-invasive procedures may be helpful to a certain extent. Discuss with your board-certified plastic surgeon the pros and cons of each option before deciding.

Some options include:
  1. Non-surgical fat reduction
  2. Skin tightening procedures
  3. Injectables: such as fillers and neuromodulators
  4. Skin resurfacing therapy and skin boosters
  5. Non-surgical feminine rejuvenation

What would be my downtime or recovery period for a mommy makeover?

Depending on the chosen procedure(s), it would vary from a few days to a few weeks. Most patients could expect their wounds to heal up in a week or two, and gradually return to normal activities from thereon. Simple cardio- or stretching exercises can be started around the 3rd week, and strenuous activities and heavy lifting can be gradually resumed after 4-6 weeks, depending on your individual progress.
It is normal to experience swelling, bruising and pain during this recovery phase. Compression garments help to quickly reduce swelling, bruising and pain for the first few weeks. For certain surgeries, you may be required to care for a small plastic tubing connected to a bottle (also known as a surgical drain). The surgical drain is often used to rapidly reduce swelling, bruising and surgical fluid accumulation under the skin and wounds, and these can be removed in the clinic after some time.


How can I maximise results after a mommy makeover?

  • Choose the board-certified plastic surgeon that you’re comfortable with,
  • Choose the right timing, when you can recover optimally,
  • Avoid smoking/heavy alcohol drinking as much as possible,
  • Adopt a regular healthy diet and exercise regime, both before and after surgery,
  • Wear your compression garment as prescribed, and lastly
  • Work out a recovery schedule with your plastic surgery team, including post-operative massages and therapy, as required.

Are there any complications of mommy makeover surgery? Can I still have kids after surgery?

Some complications that could occur include unsightly scarring, bleeding, infection and wound dehiscence (or gapping of the wound). It is also crucial to communicate with your plastic surgeon about your surgical goals or targets before any surgery, so that all your needs and expectations can be addressed adequately. Lastly, long-term scarring after surgery can be minimized through optimal surgical design and technique, but the long-term result can vary greatly between individuals.  Overall, the complication rate would be related to the complexity of the surgery.
In general, undergoing mommy makeover procedures does not directly affect one’s childbearing abilities. If you are pregnant after your mommy makeover surgery (Congratulations!), you will experience the same changes of pregnancy and childbirth all over again, as described above. It is normal to feel some stretching scar discomfort over the abdomen during pregnancy, and breast-related surgery may sometimes affect breastfeeding as well. Having completed prior mommy makeover procedures gives a better chance that your muscles, tissues, and fat will recover better in your subsequent pregnancies. Having said that, it is still commonplace for mommy makeover procedures to be done after family planning is completed so that your makeover result would be able to “last longer”.


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