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Aesthetic Procedures: Eyelids

Aesthetic Procedures: Eyelids

Aesthetic Procedures: Eyelids

Periorbital Fat Grafting

Periorbital Fat Grafting
Periorbital fat grafting refers to the use of your own fat to volumize and enhance the periorbital region, be it the upper or lower eyelid. It involves the harvest of your own fat from areas of access using liposuction techniques, processing this aspirate to obtain the fat cells and its related stem cells and growth factors, then carefully injecting this in appropriate amounts to the areas where volumnization is needed (see also facial fat grafting and contouring).

How is periorbital fat grafting performed?

The amount of fat harvested is small, and usually taken from the abdomen or thighs. This type of fat grafting can be done under local anaesthetic, and the downtime for the donor site is very low. The small parcels of fat injected must be placed carefully in the lower eyelid to maximize survival and retention. If injected well, up to 70-80% of the fat will remain.

Who would benefit from a periorbital fat grafting procedure?

It is a very useful technique to enhance areas of deficiency in the eyelid region, for example, in the hollowed upper eyelid, and retruded maxilla in the lower eyelid, and may be recommended as part of your upper or lower eyelid procedure, or as a pure alternative. The effects of periorbital fat grafting can be powerful when used for the right indications.

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