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Facial Fat Grafting And Contouring

Facial fat grafting and contouring involves the use of either your own fats or surgical implants to volumize or change the facial structure. They are often used as adjuncts to facial rejuvenation procedures.

Facial fat grafting

Facial fat grafting involves harvesting your own fat via liposuction techniques, with the extract containing fat cells, stem cells, and nutrients purified and injected carefully as microfat or nanofat into the different regions and planes of the face. This helps to replenish volume, subtly change structure and/or reverse ageing in the face. Used appropriately, fat grafting has also been shown to improve scarring as well as skin quality and pigmentation.

The areas of the face where fat is commonly injected include the forehead, the temples, the upper and lower eyelids (see periorbital fat grafting), the cheek, the nose, the lips, and the chin.

The advantages of fat grafting are numerous. It is a natural, long-lasting volumizing material which is your own, thus there is no risk of rejection and a lower risk of infection compared to artificial filler materials. The stem cells and growth factors contained in the aspirate have beneficial effects that help the fat cells to survive while also regenerating tissue and diminishing skin damage, reversing the appearance and effects of ageing.

The procedure can be done under local anaesthesia (LA), LA with sedation, or general anaesthesia, depending on the volume of fat graft needed or whether other procedures are being done simultaneously. Complications with fat grafting are uncommon, but include those related to liposuction, as well as infection or asymmetries where the fat is injected.

If injected well, about 70% of the fat volume transferred can remain in the treated areas, with the final result seen in 2 to 3 months after the procedure. Your surgeon may inject slightly more fat at the initial sitting to help you achieve a long-lasting result and avoid the need for repeat procedures. All of these should be discussed with your plastic surgeon at your initial consult.

Facial contouring using implants

The use of surgical implants in the face is usually reserved when a more significant alteration in facial shape is required. Whilst fat grafting can provide subtle improvements, implants, which are usually made of silicone or bio-integrative material, provide lasting and sturdy changes in the facial skeleton. Examples of facial implants include silicone implants in the nose and chin, or polyethylene implants in the cheek. These are used selectively, and their implications should be discussed in detail with your plastic surgeon.


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