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Aesthetic Procedures: Face

Aesthetic Procedures: Face

Aesthetic Procedures: Face

Chin Reduction And Augmentation

Chin Reduction and Augmentation
The chin is the epicentre of the jawline. An attractive jawline contributes greatly to the symmetry and harmony of the face, be it from the frontal or side view. A chin which is too protuberant gives the appearance of a ‘witch's’ chin, whilst a retruded chin makes the jawline appear weak.

Although the jawline can be improved with complex surgeries involving sawing through large portions of the jaw and moving teeth, in many cases a simpler procedure of chin reduction or augmentation can help to achieve an aesthetically pleasing chin position. The final results can complement the native face or help to improve the results of a rhinoplasty.

How is a chin reduction and augmentation performed?

Bony chin reduction and augmentation can be done through an incision on the inside of the mouth, and a superficial part of the chin is sawed to enable movement. This is then fixed in place using small plates and screws. Care must be taken to avoid injuring the mental nerve at both sides of the chin, and the muscles at the chin must be reapproximated well to reduce post-operative complications.

Quite often, chin augmentation can be achieved more simply by placement of a silicone chin implant, via a well-hidden external incision or an incision on the inside of the mouth. This is a less complex procedure than bony movement and usually takes less than an hour. It is performed under local anaesthesia with sedation. Post procedural pain, bruising, and swelling are usually very manageable.

It is best to consult our qualified plastic surgeon who will analyze your facial features and dentition and recommend the appropriate procedure.

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