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Reconstructive Procedures: Breast Reconstruction

Reconstructive Procedures: Breast Reconstruction

Reconstructive Procedures: Breast Reconstruction

Pre-pectoral Breast Reconstruction With Implants

Breast implants
Traditionally, breast reconstruction using implants entails placing the implant under the major chest (pectoralis major) muscle, with or without additional material to support the lower part of the implant. This is to increase the soft tissue coverage over the implant and to reduce the risk of implant extrusion and help with preventing complications from radiation therapy. However, this is not the natural plane of the resected breast tissue, and can lead to problems such as animation deformity and difficulties exercising post-operatively.

More recently, pre-pectoral breast implant reconstruction has gained increasing popularity. In well selected patients, placing the implant in the pre-pectoral plane, usually with the help of acellular dermal matrix covering the anterior surface of the implant, has proven to be safe and effective, with equal if not higher patient satisfaction than implants placed behind the muscle.

Our surgeons are very familiar with both procedures and will recommend the appropriate type of reconstruction to you, if implant reconstruction is chosen.

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