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Aesthetic Procedures: Breast

Aesthetic Procedures: Breast

Aesthetic Procedures: Breast

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction-1
Breast enlargement can be caused by many reasons, including pregnancy, cancer, and developmental causes. A thorough assessment should be carried out to exclude any sinister causes. True enlargement (hypertrophy) of the breast is usually developmental, related to hormonal stimulation, and has a familial preponderance.

Enlarged breasts can lead to multiple problems such as neck and back pain, bra strap grooving, arthritis, infections in the breast folds, interference with exercise, and social embarrassment. Breast reduction is usually done for individuals whose enlarged breasts are causing such issues.

How are breast reductions performed?

The techniques and sequences used for mastopexy (breast lift) are also used in breast reduction. The skin incisions allow access to the breast parenchyma (breast tissue) and enable resection of excess skin. The difference lies in the amount of parenchyma removed. In a mastopexy, parenchyma is usually preserved to maintain volume, while in a breast reduction, parenchyma is removed to enable the patient to achieve her desired cup and breast size.

Post-procedurally, recovery and care are similar to mastopexy.
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Breast Lift VS Breast Reduction

A breast lift is aimed primarily at removing excess sagging breast skin. In contrast, a breast reduction is performed primarily to remove excess breast tissue. The process for mastopexies and breast reductions are similar otherwise.


Can I get my breast reduction covered by insurance?

In Singapore, the criteria whereby insurance can reimburse for breast reduction is dependent on the weight of breast tissue removed. This would be more than 250grams per breast or more than 500grams in total. Severity of symptoms can be taken into consideration as well but usually on a case-by-case basis.

I am a male but notice that my breasts are enlarged. What can I do about this?

Abnormal enlargement of male breasts should be investigated, most importantly to exclude sinister causes such as male breast cancer (1% of all breast cancer). Usually, male breast enlargement is due to gynecomastia, which is a very treatable condition (see Gynecomastia).


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