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Body Contouring

A beautiful body gives a person confidence, and projects an image of health. There are specific ideals of body shape for both men and women, with room for variation dependent on patient body type and desires. These ideals can be the result of genetics, lifestyle, diet, and exercise, with genetics being the one factor that we cannot control. Sometimes, despite a strict diet and exercise routine, there are stubborn areas of fat that tend to accumulate.

Due to certain medical conditions such as diabetes or lipoedema, there may be abnormal fat deposits in unpleasing areas that require removal. Conversely, patients who have experienced massive weight loss through bariatric surgery or other means tend to have a large amount of excess fat-deflated skin. This excess skin can cause issues such as chaffing and difficulty with exercise and can be artfully removed with well-hidden scars.

What can body contouring help with?

As a whole, body contouring refers to procedures which result in a change in external body shape and is concerned primarily with excess or deficient fat and skin. Techniques in body contouring require a combination of a thorough assessment of the above factors as well as the body musculature, advanced technology in body sculpting, and the aesthetic eye of the plastic surgeon to enable you to achieve your body ideals.

These factors and developments have also allowed the plastic surgeon to go beyond the removal of fat and skin into the realm of high-definition body contouring, where athletic physique can be sculpted with a combination of procedures such as liposuction and fat grafting.

What can I expect from my body contouring consultation?

One of our doctors will discuss your concerns and desires with you during your consultation. This will include a full medical history, as well as any significant fluctuations in weight. Body contouring is best conducted when weight is either stable or on the downtrend, as maintenance of weight post-procedure is key to satisfactory results. This is followed by a physical examination specifically targeted at assessment of fat, skin, muscle, and the fascia surrounding the deeper tissues of the areas of concern. Through these, a clear, customized plan can be formulated. If multiple areas need to be addressed, your surgeon may suggest a staged procedure.

What to expect during body contouring procedures

Most body contouring procedures are conducted under sedation or general anaesthesia, and can be done as day surgery. The areas to be contoured will be infiltrated with local anaesthesia to further aid comfort during and after the procedure. This will then be followed by liposuction, excision, and/or fat grafting (if any), where one of our surgeons will utilize their experience and aesthetic eye to achieve the desired results. These procedures can take between 1 to 4 hours depending on the extent required. Drains may be placed to help remove excess fluid from excised areas and will be removed gradually in the days after the operation. Post-procedure, you will be placed on measured compression garments to help with swelling reduction and skin retraction.


Can my body contouring procedure be covered by insurance?

Body contouring procedures such as abdominoplasty and mastopexy, and more recently arm lifts and thigh lifts, are potentially insurance claimable, especially if they are related to post-bariatric surgery weight loss. Other instances where they may be insurance claimable are when there is herniation of deeper contents, or when the deformity causes functional issues. Do discuss this possibility with your plastic surgeon at your consult.


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