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Patient Stories

Midface lift – restoring youth in the lower eyelids and midface

Polaris-Midface lift

A 65-year-old gentleman with no significant past medical history complained of prominent eyebags as well as looking extremely haggard and tired.
On examination, he was found to have very prominent lower eyebags, a prominent lid-cheek junction, as well as loose, crepe-like, and discoloured lower eyelid skin. At the same time, he had prominent nasolabial folds, which gave the area around his nose a mouth a very aged and unhappy appearance.

After an extensive discussion of his goals and desires, Dr Adrian presented the option of a midface lift procedure, which would simultaneously address his lower eyebags, remove the excess skin from this region and also lift his nasolabial folds.
He was also counselled of the pros and cons, the latter of which mainly involved a 4- to 6- week recovery period. He agreed and underwent the surgery.

During the surgery, the fat from the eyebags was removed, the ligament forming the lower limit of the eyebags was released, and the orbital septum used to smoothen out the internal cheek contour. The cheek was lifted using the SMAS layer, and the lower eyelid tone was tightened to the lateral orbital bony rim. Excess skin was then excised, and the wounds carefully closed.
The entire surgery took 2 hours, and he returned home the same day.

Post-operatively, his lower eyelid sutures were removed 5 days after the procedure, and any swelling or mild bruising was resolved within 2 to 3 weeks. At the 6 week mark, his cheek contour had completely smoothened out, the lower eyelid discolouration had resolved, and his nasolabial folds had been lifted.
He was extremely satisfied with his result, and said it made him feel and look 15 years younger and gave him the confidence to continue in his frontline, high-intensity job.

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